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Old-Fashioned Lemonade
Mango Lemonade
Cucumber Lemonade
Lemongrass Lemonade
Ginger Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Watermelon Lemonade
Yakult® Lemonade
Old-Fashioned Orange Juice
Orange Lemonade



12 oz. | 16 oz. | 22 oz. | 32 oz.
* May not apply to all drinks

Add-ons & Substitutes

• Chia Seeds
• Hot Lemonade
• Honey
• Stevia


Sweetness Level

• Sweet Enough 50 %
• Just Right 100%
• Sweet Tooth 150%
• Choice of White or Brown Sugar Syrup

Because of You, We’ve won this award

Because of you, we’ve won this award 2 years in a row. And we’ll continue to keep giving you our best.

Why People Love Us


From old-fashioned lemonade to watermelon lemonade; from 50% sweetness to 150% – we offer different flavors, sugar levels, and add-ons so you can enjoy a 100% hand-pressed drink that suits your taste!


Freshly squeezed lemonade using real lemons. The Lemon Co. offers a healthy, fresh alternative for food and beverages in order to promote overall health and wellness for all.


The Lemon Co. aims to serve 100% hand-pressed drinks from freshly squeezed lemons that taste good but are affordable at the same time. You should know that you’re helping local farmers, too!

Sourced from the best Farms

Our lemons are sourced from the best farms. And since our lemons don’t have to travel long distances, we can harvest them when they are ready to consume!

We have no need to store the lemons longer than their natural cycle. Our storage and warehousing are built to maintain flavor and preserve freshness — for the ultimate hand-pressed, thirst-quenching drink!

Powered by local talent

Established in July 2016, The Lemon Co. started in Cebu — probably one of the toughest markets in the Philippines.

Since then, The Lemon Co. has established numerous outlets and winning prestigious awards. Now, we are ready to bring delicious and refreshing drinks to the rest of the nation.

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636 L. Jayme St

Mandaue City

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Landline: (032) 326 0462

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